Writer's Block: Passionate Eats

What foods do you associate with romance or attraction?
 Anything home cooked can be romantic because you know it's been cooked just for you.

As far as going out, I tend to lean toward Italian or even Greek.  Which is weird considering all the garlic and how potent those foods can be.  Also any dessert, but that's just because the right desert can be better than sex.  hahaha  =)

My Sunday

 So I'm going to try this whole updating thing again.  I'm going to be totally lame and copy and paste this into both my LiveJournal and my MySpace.  So both will be updated with the exact same post. 

Reason number 3,481 as to why I hate it when the weather gets nice: plants have sex and my allergies go insane.  Both yesterday and today I've been all stuffed up and sneezy and itchy.  Yesterday I went to my sisters reception.  It was held at her now husbands sisters place.  They had a lovely back hard and garden.  At least it would've been lovely if my sinus' didn't swell up to the size of Texas and I could stop sneezing and rubbing my eyeballs.  I figured it was just the garden though right.  So I wake up today and BAM I'm dying.  I get over to Evy's place and down some allergy meds.  Off we go!  

We had lots of fun today.  First we went to go pick Strawberries on Sauvie's Island.  That was a lot of fun.  I got sunburnt though, but whattya gonna do when you're a redhead.  Can't help it.  Only a bit on my forehead/nose.  Still hurts though so god forbid if I get an itch.  =)  Then went out to Wunderland.  For those that don't know it's a 5 cent arcade place where you can either play arcade games, or play games for tickets which you can redeem for toys and what not.  Using my tickets I got a green duck bank, a pencil that is about a foot and a half long, and this kooshy ball thingy.  I was perturbed though because it seemed a bit more ghetto than normal.  I know that the people that go there aren't exactly the brightest in the world, and the place itself is pretty dingey, but usually the games at least work.  I had a number of them either run out of tickets, or just plain not give me any or they don't work right or cheat me more than normal.  And it seemed like the prices were raised a bit.  Then there was this total jerk there, a father who had a bunch of misbehaving children running around.  They came up to him looking for praise and saying, "Look at all the tickets I got!".  He started yelling at them, telling them to not play games that give them tickets because he doesn't want "...all of that shit hanging around the house...", and by that he meant the toys that you can redeem the tickets for.  Then, rather smartly one of his daughters said, "Then why are we even here?!".  He said "Don't give me that or we'll just leave!" to which she replied, "Good I don't want to be here anyway!".  Now this man came to Wunderland for himself, not for the kids.  How do I know this?  Because he sat his fat ass down infront of a Shrek pinball game for almost our entire stay, totally monopolizing it and putting money into it steadily (not just at the end of his turn) so when someone would come up to him he could say "Sure as soon as I run out of credits".  He was a disgusting human being with a curly haired mullet and cow boy hat.  I didn't like him.  It just seemed like people were particularly rude and unkind at this one.   

After Wunderland, went for the BEST frozen yogurt in the ENTIRE WORLD.  This isn't just frozen yogurt...  it's...  it's amazing.  It's all natural no preservatives blah blah blah but the taste is just...  it's hard to describe but it just tastes like yogurt... frozen...  but so much more!  I had a chocolate/raspberry mix and the raspberry frozen yogurt was just about orgasmic.  I was very pleased with it.  =)  It's called Skinny Dip I think and it's in Portland off of NW Burnside I think and it is to die for.  I love it 'cause it really tastes like yogurt.  They only have a few flavors.  Plain (actual plain yogurt frozen), chocolate and raspberry.  There are toppings you can put on it.  It's kinda spendy but so very worth it.  Yum. 

So after that we went back to Evy's and watched Doc Hollywood, had a bit of dinner, and played some Rock Band.  Now I'm at home finishing up my laundry.  I really should go to bed.  One of these days I might do this on time.  But it's been a long day so you never know; I might get to bed at a decent hour.  Considering it's already 12:36am... I doubt it.  =)

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